Saturday, 1 April 2017

February 2017 - Reading Wrap Up

So February sucked in terms of reading. The majority of the books I read were rated three stars, and although I don't have anything against three star reads particularly, reading one after the other really isn't ideal at all. It caused me to enter March trying to fight off the dreaded reading slump as nothing was exciting me enough to make me want to pick up a book. Its also the reason why I've been putting off doing this wrap up. Ho hum.

My February reads were:

I literally read this for one of the challenges in the 2017 Read Harder Challenge. Superhero comics are just not for me unfortunately but, I gave it a go and thats all that matters right? The story follows Kamala as she struggles to come to terms with her Muslim identity in Jersey. Meh, I can see why people love it but wasn't for me.

★ - Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Oh my goodness, this book was an absolute slog to get through. It tells the life story of Pi Patel and his experiences being a survivor of a sinking ship. If repetitive descriptions of extremely mundane things tickle your fancy and if you just love pretentious religious moralising then this is the book for you. Needless to say I didn't particularly enjoy it.

★ - Persuasion by Jane Austen

A somber novel following Anne Elliot who is on the verge of spinsterhood when an old flame that she jilted comes back into her life. Nothing really happens, the romance was barely there. Just meh, not a Jane Austen novel I particularly enjoyed. A crying shame.

★ - Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

A pretty interesting collection all about women and their messy lives. Lots of weird sex in each of the different stories but there were some gems. I just love Roxane Gay's writing and I particularly loved her trademark wry wit in this book. Well worth picking up.
A stunning picture book about a fox's journey trying to find his friend. The story was a bit flat if I'm honest but the illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful. 
I really, really wanted this book to be more of a straight retelling of Jane Eyre but it was still an enjoyable story. It follows Jane Steele as she navigates life murdering her tormentors. It is loosely based on Jane Eyre and has many differences to make the story feel fresh. It just lacked that special something for me to be able to rate it higher.

The conclusion to The Grisha trilogy. It was definitely bittersweet for me. It did not end how I wanted to but ultimately I accepted it. I am glad I have finished this trilogy now as the world was just beautiful. I can't wait to read the Six of Crows duology so I can spend more time in Ravka.

 - The One by John Marrs

A fast paced thriller, this was the best read of the month. Five people have been matched to the one person who is their perfect match based on genetics. Each person's story takes unbelievable twists and turns. This is definitely a fun read and I would highly recommend it.

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